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Are you in need of a house locksmith? Maybe you lost your keys or need to rekey your house. Locksmith Fremont can handle all your residential locksmith needs. We have locksmiths located throughout the Fremont area and they will be with you shortly after you make the call to us. Also, our technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year and we even work on holidays. Keep our number in your contacts, because you never know when you may need a house locksmith.

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If you lost or misplaced your house keys, we can take care of you. We recommend rekeying your house in the situation that you lost your keys. Because, you don’t want someone to find them and have easy access to your house. All this requires us rekeying all the locks by changing the pin position inside the lock itself. Once this is done we can make all new keys to match the new pin positions. This is also a good idea when you have the same key for many years and may have had duplicates made because you lost some.

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We can also change the locks themselves to newer and more secure ones if you prefer this option. Some of the new locks offer more advanced similar to that in cars. There is a computer chip inside the key that corresponds with the locks computer chip. So, this means that only a key that matches the locks computer can open the door. There are also more secure laser cut keys that are available. Locksmith Fremont has the equipment to provide any of these services.

We pride ourselves in the quality, responsiveness and affordability of our work and want to have long term relations with our customers. So, the next time you need a residential locksmith give Locksmith Fremont a call and we will be there shortly.

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